Tiny Tots & Sprouts
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These classes teach young dancers the fundamentals of dance. Dancers will learn basic skills such as hopping, galloping, and marching. Dancers will also learn how to coordinate steps and move right and left. Tumbling will be introduced as well as singing and moving with props. This class is designed to build self confidence. Pre-school children must be at least 3 years old by September 1st, potty trained and able to part from a parent/guardian for the length of the class. The studio door will remain closed for the duration of the class after the first four dance classes.


This class will enhance locomotors skills. These dancers are ready to skip, chasse, and kimbo. Quick movements and basic choreography patterns are taught in this class. Tap will be introduced the last 15 minutes of each class to enhance rhythmic development. Dancers must be 5+ years and entering kindergarten. Tap shoes are required.

Ballet / Pointe

Ballet is the foundation for all styles of dance. The first portion of class time will be spent at the barre for warm-up and technique exercises to prepare dancers for across- the- floor and center floor work. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, grace, and proper body placement. Pointe is offered to students with at least three to five years of classical ballet training at our studio or with the recommendation from our ballet instructors.

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This class is designed to help dancers acquire a good sense of rhythm, expression of style, and ability to translate musical rhythms into tap patterns. Learn the various styles of tap dancing-ranging from Broadway tap to the latest jazz tap styles.  Body Percussion will be introduced.


Jazz/Contemporary is a stylized form of dance. It challenges the dancers to control, extend, and express movements to their fullest. Dance to a variety of music. Classes consist of warm-up, isolations, across-the-floor combinations and routines and cool down. Jazz/Contemporary classes develops strength, endurance and flexibility.

Hip HopAnabel

Classes are offered to male and female dancers. Be prepared for a high intensity warm-up with vigorous dance combinations. This class is recommended for our middle school and high school students, however it is offered to students in grades 1st through 5th when they if they  register for a one hour tap and jazz class. Please check the fall schedule for specialty workshop programs.

Musical Theatre Dance

Combines Jazz technique and the art of expressing character movement. This class will follow a Jazz warm-up and combination that combines acting and jazz technique. Musical Theatre dance develops stage presence and self confidence. Character shoes or jazz shoes may be required.

Irish Step

A specialized form of dance that helps develop excellent concentration skills, balance, rhythm and great posture. Dancers gain self-confidence and a strong sense of discipline that sets them apart from their peers. In order to ensure advancement in all levels, the Irish dancer must be dedicated to daily practice of beginning steps such as jigs, reels, and hornpipes. Appropriate for all ages and dance abilities. Dancers can enjoy authentic Irish step dancing music working in both soft and hard shoe. Class begins with 15 minutes of drills to learn proper footwork and body alignment. Steps are broken down and taught in combination. Our Irish step instructor will recommend appropriate socks, soft and/or hard shoes.

Not currently being offered. Check back in with us later this season.


Salsa is offered to children and adults. Latin dance is based on afro-Cuban rhythms. Generally danced with partner, absolutely no partner is required. Ongoing lessons will give a dancer the chance to build on material learned. This dance incorporates elements of mambo and other Latin style dances such as bachata and meringue. Our instructors are qualified to teach on 1 and/or 2. Latin or ballroom shoes will be required.

Not currently being offered. Check back in with us later this season.


A form of percussive dance in which the dancer’s entire body is used as an instrument to produce rhythmns and sounds through a mixture footsteps, spoken words and hand claps.

Not currently being offered. Check back in with us later this season.



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