The annual spring performance is held in June. Dancers will be notified in writing of the exact date. Although it is not required, all students are encouraged to participate in this event. Students who chose not to participate in our annual rehearsal/recital must inform the office in writing on or before November 1st. SBS has the right to remove, dismiss, or withdraw any student from the recital should any student not fully participate in the dress rehearsal.

Costumes are ordered through the studio and purchased by the students. The average cost for costumes is $90.00 – $125.00 per costume. Students will not be able to participate in the annual performance unless costumes are paid in full. A non-refundable late fee of $10 will also be charged for late costume deposits and/or costume payments. Return checks are subject to a charge of $25.00

Vacation & Holiday Schedule

Step-By-Step, Inc. closes on all Waltham Public School holidays. Cancellations because of inclement weather are the same as Waltham Public School system cancellations. Classes missed can be made up. Our vacation and holiday schedule pertains to all our adult classes as well. Our scheduled closings are posted on our Events Calendar. For more information please refer to the City of Waltham website.

CCS_5787Missed Classes

Classes missed can be made-up. Consult your instructor for alternative and appropriate make-up classes. Make-up lessons are to be taken within one month of the missed classes. Dancers are encouraged to attend all lessons. Any absence from class should be reported to the studio prior to the class.

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