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It is the differences in our teachers and faculty that bring the very best talent to Step-By-Step, Inc. Each unique member of our professional staff will share their love and passion for the art of dance with their students.

Our Team

Pamela CairaArtistic Director
Michelle UsseglioStudio Coordinator
Demetra ChastangStudio Office Manager
NSDC Company Director
Contemporary / Musical Theatre
Noa BarankinTap Instructor / Body Percussion
Marisa DiDinoSummer Camp Coordinator / Instructor
Ricardo Foster Jr.Modern / Jazz / Hip Hop Instructor
Janelle GilchrestBallet Instructor
Melanie CapalboTap/Jazz/Contemporary
Axel LopezHip Hop Instructor
Deirdre MilionisBallet Instructor
Caitlin PeelerContemporary/Hip Hop Instructor

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