erica ferrone photography-92Paying Your Tuition

Tuition is divided into nine monthly installments. The monthly amount listed on our studio’s Registration Form is due on or before the 1st of every month beginning with the month of September through May 1st. Tuition not paid within 10 days after the due date will be subject to a non-refundable late charge of $10.00. Return checks are subject to a charge of $25.00. Please inquire about discounts offered to accounts paid in full by October 1st.

Our Tuition rates are not combined for families enrolling more than one child. Rates reflect per child / per class. Refunds minus any lessons taken will be given when written notice of withdrawal is received by the fourth lesson. After the fourth lesson, no portions of the tuition fees are refunded in the event of an absence, withdrawal or dismissal of a student from the school. Non-compliance with the agreed upon payment schedule will result in termination of student’s enrollment and legal action to collect all money due to our company. We accept cash, personal checks, and most major credit cards.

You can also pay online through our simple and secure gateway.

Checks can be made payable to:

Step-By-Step, Inc.

85 River Street Suite #1

Waltham, MA 02453

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