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Adult Dance Classes

Adult classes in beginner tap, intermediate tap, contemporary and lyrical/jazz will be back on the schedule in July. Please check back for updates. We are excited to bring new Latin Dance Stying and Salsa dance classes to Waltham in 2023!

All classes are available as drop-ins, but you can save money and be guaranteed a spot by registering for a full session. When registering for a full session, you will need an active debit/credit card. Once you register and enroll, your card will be charged. With our deep discounts, we cannot offer refunds.

Can’t commit to a full class session? No worries, you can pay a $15 drop-in/per class. We accept Venmo or cash for drop-ins.

Register by visiting the schedule. We require a minimum of nine registered adults to secure one of our amazing instructors who will lead you to unwind and help get your body moving. Dancing encourages you to meet people to pair up with and learn steps together. Invite friends, the more the merrier! It’s always more fun to move with someone.

We are looking to expand our adult class genres. If you are interested in a type of dance, please reach out. We are always looking to add new class offerings, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please email us to request a class!


Legends, ages 65+

My mom is over 65 and semi-retired. She no longer has a busy schedule to commit to especially after my grandmother passed before COVID. She constantly complains that now that her lifestyle has slowed down, her body has slowed down, is in pain and isn’t what it used to be.

My mom has never been interested in the gym or exercise and can’t get motivated enough to walk on her own because of her joint pain. When she was younger, I remember the basement parties with family and friends that always had music playing and dancing. I reminded her of these times and she never connected the social engagement and movement.

Since becoming a registered Dance Movement Therapist this past spring, I pitched my mom the idea of creating a 65+ music and movement class that will enhance her overall wellbeing even when done in a very simple way. I told her to give moving with me a try because I believe the power of movement can transform feelings of sadness and pain to a happy and more positive state. She agreed, so long as she was not the only one.

My mom is currently recruiting for our Friday morning Legends class. I told her I would gladly work with each individual’s pace and modify movement as necessary if she found friends to join her.

If you’re 65 and older or you have a parent like mine who might enjoy simple movement and light dancing come give our Friday morning group a try. My mom also doesn’t do email so I am also accepting interest for this class with a simple phone call to the studio.

I am not accepting any payment for our legends group, I’m just out to prove that movement can be done at any age and will boost mood and energy.

No registration necessary to become a legend! Call the studio at 781-891-5678 today to join!


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