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Thank you for the letter and I just wanted to say that having the opportunity to participate in in-person dance, despite the inherent risk, has been the one thing that has kept Anna from completely losing it during COVID. It is, in fact, the only activity I feel comfortable allowing her to participate in outside of the home because I know your protocols are solid and you take such care in executing them. So – I understand how difficult this has been on you personally, emotionally, professionally and economically, but I want you to know that what you’re doing is a life saving service. Thank you, truly.



I do crisis response as part of my job, and I just have to say THANK YOU!  Thank you for your incredibly honest, heartfelt, smart, well-laid out message… and for always incorporating community need into everything you do. You think of your employees, your students and the community at large and it is so powerful and full of love. 

Keep it going, girl! Lots of love and support from our family   Serena misses dance tons and keeps practicing her Macarena (I never got to get her costume) so something for her to look forward to!

Love, Kara and Serena

Pam doesn’t have a run-of-the-mill dance recital, this woman with the help of her dance professionals, put on an impress…ive  and entertaining show.  I am PROUD to tell people that my kids go to Step by Step Dance Studio.  We love you, Pam!  Muah!

Kristine Conti Fusco, SBS Parent, June 2014

Brandon really loves to dance and he enjoys himself. I love watching him dance and I want him to keep dancing. If it wasn’t for you and all his other teachers encouraging him and taking the time to care about him as a person as well as a dancer, he probably would have given up dancing. That to me would have been a waste of talent. Thank you for everything that you do.

Cheryl Reilly, SBS Parent, June 2010

We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for our son Steven. We know it was a tremendous amount of work for you. Getting all the contributors and the coordination of it all. It was an amazing night and we are overwhelmed. We really feel Steven has a second chance at life and because of people like you, we will be able to get him the care and help he needs. We appreciate your help, support, and prayers. We love you Pam! Our sincerest thanks and love. 

Steve and Marilyn Hill, January 2010

This email is to let you know how awesome of a job you do with your dance studio. I probably can’t come up with all the adjectives that would fully describe you and your business but know that I am extremely impressed and honored that my children are learning from the ‘best.’

Kristine Fusco, SBS Parent, May 2008

Step-By-Step Dance Studio holds the most precious memories of mine from Waltham. Not only did this studio allow me to do what I love almost every day, but it also gave me a connection with a group of girls that will never fade. It is not just about technique, but more focused on expressing yourself through your dance moves. For me, walking into this studio meant it was time to reconnect with my friends and feel out every emotion that was bottled up inside.


Rielly Smolinsky, via Facebook, October 2018

Talented and creative instructors do amazing things with students of all ages at Step By Step under the visionary direction of Pam Caira! We’ve been with the studio for 15+ years!!!

Rebecca Willis Kayser, via Facebook, April 2016

While it’s on my mind and before I forgot, just wanted to say Thank you! I’ve tried to build confidence in Rylee since she was little, and I think I’ve done ok. However, when she asked me to do the improv competition this weekend, I of course handed her money and purchased her shorts and a tank top to wear.After thinking about it, I actually went back and asked her while she was waiting to go if she was sure she wanted to do it. Honestly I was a little fearful for her.Anyways, she might not have been the best, but I totally underestimated her and the confidence she has built this year, Thanks to both of you! Her body image and confidence is more than I could’ve ever hoped for at her age, and honestly you guys are to Thank for that.You do so much more than teach kids to dance! I just wanted both of you to know that.

Stacey Truesdale, 2018-2019 Parent

It has been an amazing 14 years! It’s crazy to think how far we’ve come and how much has changed, but I’m so grateful for every moment of it. You have been more than a teacher to me-you’ve been an inspiration and a role model. The lessons you have taught me go far beyond dancing. You’ve taught me how to be confident in myself and my capabilities. You’ve taught me how to make the best of every situation and go through life with a Step-By-Step smile And you’ve taught me the best way to put my hair in a bun (the important things). Thank you so much for the opportunities, lessons, and the memories. My time at your studio has been a true blessing and I’m so glad to have you in my life. 

Mia Perri, SBS Dancer June 2017

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for that incredibly special party last night.  You put so much extra effort into things to make them meaningful and special for each dancer, it’s really incredible.  Sylvie said she could tell that even for your ‘questions’ activity, you had designed each question with the girl in mind. And then you printed all those pictures, and sent them home with such a meaningful memory to hang in their rooms  (something we should have done at home but hadn’t, so THANK YOU!)   And then the dance shorts / t-shirts — gorgeous silver boxes.  And then a sleepover!   Who does that??!!!   Only you!!  Just amazing,  thank you so much !!!!! 

Linzy Emery, NSDC Parent, December 2014

Best recital I have ever attended. Ever. Pam and all of the instructors and dancers were amazing. I am now in love with this studio!!!

Juliet Seamans DuBois, SBS Parent, June 2014

Deeply moved by the Step by Step Dance Studio’s Gala – last night – to benefit The Andréa Rizzo Foundation! Every dancer… “let their hearts move their feet” for our cause. The love and generosity pouring forth from the crowd of 500 was overwhelming. Every detail of this event let us know that Dréa’s Dream is close to the hearts of Step by Step dancers who understand the power of dance! Thank you, Pamela Caira, dancers, staff, volunteers, sponsors – and of course – SBS DANCERS!! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan Rizzo Vincent, President and Organizational Founder of The Andréa Rizzo Foundation, March 2013

I just want to thank you so much for being such a great role model and helping me grow as a dancer. You have been so inspirational to me. Without you, I would not have come as I have. YOU are the real reason I have made it this far. Thank you for pushing me to be the best dancer I can be and not giving up on me.

Kerri Uttaro, NSDC Dance Captain, 2007-2008

You have obviously worked very hard at sharing your talents and love with these children. My daughter is much improved over last year and she is anxious to take on more class time next year. I am so glad that she has you as a role model. I believe that you do your job with passion and love. Most of us out here can’t say that. Your work displays it from the classroom to the stage.

Jeff Daigle, SBS Parent, June 1999

The best in Waltham! Miss Pam and all her staff rock!!

Danielle Miranda, via Facebook, March 2020

I danced at Step-By-Step as a teenager at the original Newtonville location. Miss Pam was energetic and inspiring! She helped build my confidence and love for dance. I’ve since returned for adult classes at their Waltham studios, which are gorgeous! The sign on the door says dance school but this place feels more like a community. I’m looking forward to getting back into their adult classes this year!

Val A., via yelp.com


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